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Monday, January 7, 2013


One day a Christian elderly lady , when she visit a Doctor for to get some treatment ,   Doctor  asked from her If I asked  God for Rs 1000/- would I get it?
Then elderly lady answered with a question. "If you were introduced to the Our President, would you ask him for money at once?"
"No, I have to know him better” replied the doctor.
Well, "you will need to know God a great deal better before you can expect Him to answer your prayer."
 "Many people presume to ask God for things upon mere acquaintance with Him." Isn’t it
Prayer , is simply two friends talking together.
The Bible is God’s side of the conversation. When I read the Scriptures, I soon find myself whispering a request ,when I pray, God’s Word comes to mind. When I listen to His Word, my soul bows in adoration.
Bible expositor W. Graham Scroggie wrote, "In the Bible God speaks to us, and in prayer we speak to God."
It is a cord of communion between God and ourselves.
Read the Bible each day, pray that God will make your heart sensitive to His Word.
Martin Luther said, "Having prayed well is having studied well." We cannot have one without the other
What  George Müller  said "I begin to meditate the New Testament early in the mornings. . . . Invariably, I have found that . . . after so many minutes of meditation, my soul is guided to confession, or to give thanks, or to intercede, or to make a request. So, even when you couldn’t say that I had given myself to prayer, but rather to meditation, nevertheless, it turned out that almost immediately the meditation turned into prayer."
          Our relationship with God can grow only as we communicate our adoration,                confession, petition, intercession, and thanksgiving to Him through prayer,
            We listen to His voice through the daily study of His Word