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Monday, June 24, 2013

Fathers' Day

Father’s Day
Fathers’ Union at  St: Peter’s Church Korallawella  on 16Th Sunday 2013 set aside this day to honour with God our Fathers’ and to appreciate their services.  “ He walked with God” was our theme.
The story behind Fathers day is wonderful. It was began in year 1910 in a village known as “Spokene” at  Washington USA .
There was a lady named Senora Dodd lived in that village. She was listening to a sermon at a church on Mothers day about mothers. She thought of her father. He was a  civil war veteran. Her mom had died early in life. Senora, her younger sister and  brother had been brought up by their father. He  was devoted and  God fearing  man. Now Senora thought it could be a wonderful thing to have a special day honoring her father and all fathers , because  he was born on the month of June in 1910 in the same village.
Many years later in 1936 Lyndon Johnson signed the proclamation declaring that  Sunday in june be set aside as Fathers’ day, a day we would recognize and honor and pay tributes to our earthly Fathers’.
On june 16Th I look over my Church St Peter’s ,I was so happy to see so many fathers’ sitting with their wives and
children. There is some thing special about a Dad and his Children when they worship together.
Another instance a priest asked from a little girl “ Do you Love your dad? She responded “ of course I love him a lot “ Then priest inquired : Why so much. Without hesitation replied “ why, he married my mum”.
What is the greatest praise that could be said of a father? Is it only that he got married to our mums? If not could it be his intelligence ,education business knowledge or High rank .Could it be smartness handsome ?or famous in society.  Could it be sportsmen or Record holder?
But  I think when you look at the story of Enoch in Geneses 5 :24.It is the theme we mentioned above. That is Enoch walked with God
I am of the opinion that there is no better Praise  no better honor  about a father, than this.
Since Enoch walked with God one might think he was a person of exceptional holiness .Bible not mention such thing.
He was an odinary man.He had sons and daughters. He carried out social responsibilities without hesitation.
He too lived in a world full of sins, since the destruction of the world by a great flood, was just closed by.
He was an active and busy father, the difference that Enoch was a father who walked with God.
Since God took him he was  not to be seen. He had a special transfer from the sinful world to heaven.
We should follow Enoch because He walked with God and be in heaven in the presence of God.
Irrespective of whether we are married or not have children or not ,we all men have called to be fathers.  With that in mind we all should walk with God.
We should not get involved in family matters of our married children.
The massage extract from speech given by Mr Neil Fernando