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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Do good always

It is very interesting article, really what we want in our life?   I am  a Christian. my father and mother believed Son of God Jesus Christ. They baptized me at our Christian Church. When I reached age 2 1/2 years  they put me in to Sunday school.  I was grownup I had learn about Jesus Christ  and the miracles He had done, specially  healings and helping poor people. The struggle he has to face to redeem us from sin.

my intention is to do the good always . We have to do good things .Our creator is God  HE is our Father and instruct us to do the Fathers will.
There are two important days in mans life. The first is the day that he is born into this world
The second is the day that he discovers why he is born into the world.

Once we  look at the scripture  what our creator  asked us  to do ?
 Bible says  that we are born into this world to do our Father’s will. Where ever you may reside , God  has kept you there to do his will in that Place. Where ever you may be employed , God has placed you there to do His will there.
St Johns with these words “In the beginning was the Word, and the word was with God.” When God created the heaven and earth and every thing there in ,Jesus was with the Father. Then with the fall of man God sent His only begotten Son to redeem the fallen  human race .St Johns Chapter3 verse 16

Very often when  we try to  do our Father’s will people will misunderstand  us. We may not go to some notorious places or and  avoid bad behavior people.
To keep our intentions well we must associate good people ,then  can learn and do useful thing to the world.
When you look at the world news  to day in every country and cities facing tsunami , floods, earthquakes, and wars.
There is lot of things a person has to be done, when you look at the path what you really want in your life?
To day the cost of living is very high in every country.  Most of the people are struggling to find their meals.
There are people who have lot of funds and they invest more to earn more.
Few help various organizations to do the goodwill.
What we should do I to help others to carry out the good projects to be done for poor people to live.